Reliability and affordability

Our little girl is finally grown up or at least that is how it feels knowing she passed her driver’s test yesterday. I knew she was going to pass because yours truly is the one that taught her how to drive. I don’t want to toot my own horn but I am and have always been a great driver. I also knew how to approach teaching her which involved a lot and I mean a lot of patience. We started off slow in empty parking lots then back roads then sort of busy roads then the highway. She only really scared me once and that was the first time she had to merge onto the highway but it wasn’t that bad. She just started to slow down instead of speeding up to merge and there was a line of cars behind us. She isn’t going to be out on her own anytime soon though because first we need to get her a car.

The agreement was if she stayed on the honor roll at school we (my husband and I) would buy her first vehicle for her. She would be responsible for the insurance payments. I was looking at car insurance quotes for her this morning on a bunch of different cars and they won’t be that bad. She works part-time after school at a restaurant waiting tables and will easily be able to afford the payments. As far as the gas goes I told her I would fill her tank once a month for us and anything else is on her. I think that is pretty fair don’t you?

The kind of car we are going to get her is still up in the air. I know it is going to be used and right now that is all I know. I am going to sit down this weekend and figure it all out. I want to do some research into which ones are not only safe but reliable. I was thinking something along the lines of a Toyota Corolla or something like that. I do know it is only going to have four cylinders and won’t have any turbo or be anything close to being sporty. She can buy one of those herself when the time comes if that is what she wants. I’ll be worried enough about her as it is without her driving around in some hot rod.


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